Agile Consultancy

While many may view Agile consulting as a consulting category unto itself and it certainly is in some circumstances, we view Agile as included in all our consulting engagements whether the enggaments are in IT Service management, learning and development, learning management, software development projects, etc. Agile permeates everything we believe, every product we create, and in everything we do.

Organizations are increasingly faced with reduced resources, fewer people, and increased competition. Agile business approaches enable them to create a sustainable and competitive advantage in implementing the right projects and products in the right way.

Management Plaza Canada provides consulting services in:

  • Agile mentoring and coaching
  • Value Agility
  • Agile Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management
  • Agile Product Design & Development
  • DevOps
  • Agile Testing
  • Agile Procurement

To find out more your  contact person is Larry Cooper by email at or by phone, +1 (866) 786-3987, ext. 102 (Canada)