PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner online course

PRINCE2 Agile™ Practitioner Online Course


By Nader K. Rad

This course teaches you how to use PRINCE2® in an Agile way. A creative new approach from AXELOS, that was released on Jun 2015.

By the end of the course, you will be ready to take the PRINCE2 Agile™ Practitioner exam and certify. You will be awarded with 25 PDUs at the end of the course.

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Product Description

This is a complete eLearning course for PRINCE2 Agile™ Practitioner certification program. By the end of the course, you would be able to use this knowledge in your projects and turn your PRINCE2® environments into an Agile one. You can also take the PRINCE2 Agile™ Practitioner exam and get certified.

Note: the PRINCE2 Agile™ Practitioner exam voucher is sold separately, and is not included in this product. Check the PRINCE2 Agile™ Practitioner Bundle if you’re interested to buy the exam voucher and eLearning course together.

Previews of a few lessons are available below.

Course Format

The course is equal to a three day classroom course (21 PMI PDUs). There are 41 lessons, each with a video training, followed by a quiz, and sometimes suggested material for additional studies.

The lessons, and the duration of videos are as follows:

  • Introduction, 9 minutes ……preview
  • General Concepts
    • What is Agile? The Overall Idea, 20 minutes ……preview
    • What is Agile? The Development Processes, 29 minutes
    • The Agile Manifesto, 12 minutes
    • The Agile Principles, 20  minutes
    • Tailoring PRINCE2®, 10 minutes
    • The Agile Behaviors, Concepts, and Techniques, 24 minutes
    • Who’s PRINCE2 Agile™ for? 6 minutes
    • The 8 Guidance Points, 21 minutes
    • Fix or Flex, 18 minutes
    • The 5 Targets behind Flexing, 9 minutes
    • Behaviors, 8 minutes
  • Tailoring PRINCE2® for Agile environments
    • Core Principles, 37 minutes ……preview
    • Themes
      • Business Case, 18 minutes
      • Organization, 24 minutes
      • Quality, 15 minutes
      • Plan, 21 minutes ……preview
      • Risk, 5 minutes
      • Change, 8 minutes
      • Progress, 9 minutes
    • Processes
      • Starting up a Project and Initiating a Project, 19 minutes
      • Directing a Project, 6 minutes
      • Controlling a Stage, 9 minutes
      • Managing Product Delivery, 6 minutes
      • Managing a Stage Boundary, 5 minutes ……preview
      • Closing a Project, 3 minutes
    • Management Products
      • Reports, 18 minutes
      • Records, 6 minutes
      • Baselines, 33 minutes
    • Roles and Responsibilities, 15 minutes
  • Focus Areas
    • Agilometer, 11 minutes
    • Requirements, 29 minutes
    • Rick Communication, 5 minutes
    • Frequent Releases, 4 minutes
    • Contracts, 7 minutes ……preview
  • A Quick Review of Delivery Methods
    • Scrum, 25 minutes
    • Kanban, 9 minutes ……preview
    • DSDM®, 5 minutes
    • Lean Startup, 3 minutes
  • Sample Exam

Course Author

Nader K. Rad

He’s been one of the official reviewers of PRINCE2 Agile™ since the project started. He’s also a PRINCE2® and Agile/Scrum author, trainer, and consultant.

About the certification

There is no PRINCE2 Agile™ Foundation certification; only the Practitioner. The exam has the same style and level of other AXELOS exams in the Practitioner level, such as PRINCE2® Practitioner.

Candidates need to be PRINCE2® Practitioner certified before taking the exam.

PMI® PDUs awarded for this course

Management Plaza, as a PMI®’s Registered Education Provider (R.E.P), awards you with the following PDUs when you complete your course:

Certificate Technical PDUs Leadership PDUs Strategic PDUs
PMP® 18 4 3
PgMP® 18 4 3
PfMP® 4 4 3
PMI-PBA® 5 4 3
PMI-ACP® 18 4 3
PMI-RMP® 1 4 3
PMI-SP® 1 4 3

The course is registered with PMI®, and the PDUs are approved. When your course completion is registered with PMI®, all PDUs will be automatically considered for your certifications and you won’t need to enter them manually and justify them.

The above information is based on the new PMI®’s CCR system that governs PDUs.


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