The PRINCE2 Foundation Training Manual

The PRINCE2 Foundation Training Manual


Written by Frank Turley
166 Pages, PDF, Current version: 1.2e

This book is an easy to read and understand PRINCE2 training manual, which can be used both for getting familiar with PRINCE2 and to prepare for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

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Product Description

Book author: Frank Turley
166 Pages, PDF
Current version: 1.2e

The main objective of this book is to provide an easy to read and understand PRINCE2® manual to help you understand PRINCE2 and pass the PRINCE2 exam. This is the only PRINCE2 Training Manual or book that is focused on the Foundation syllabus and therefore the only book you need to refer to learn PRINCE2 & pass the Foundation exam.

The official PRINCE2 Manual for the Project Manager is an excellent reference manual but can be rather difficult to pick up and read if you are new to project management or PRINCE2. This is why this book has already become the #1 book for people who are preparing for the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam.

How is this Training Manual different from the official PRINCE2 manual?
  • It is a training manual while the OGC manual is a reference manual
  • It provides lots of examples of Management Products (easier to understand)
  • It is 100% focused on the PRINCE2 Foundation syllabus and Exam
  • It use examples to·help explain new PRINCE2 terms (easy to understand)
  • It is written like a training manual and therefore very easy to read
  • It provides an overview of the type of questions to expect (chapter by chapter)
  • It is available in PDF format making it easy to search and find what you need.
  • etc…
There are two editions of the ebook:
  • Free edition: 30% of full content,
  • Premium edition: Full content, Includes Print and comment permissions. This version is included in the PRINCE2 Foundation Self Study eLearning Course (you don’t have to buy it separately if you’re going to buy the self study)

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